I think, therefore I am, but only for a little while

We don’t exist, then we do until we don’t again.

The idea of nonexistence doesn’t freak me out. I didn’t exist for trillions of years before I was born, and I seem to have come through it unscathed. I imagine not existing after I die will be a lot like that.

Are people really grousing about Starbucks holiday cups?

Really? Are people really grousing about Starbucks holiday coffee cups?

Yes, apparently so.

Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor who calls himself a “social media personality” (there’s a clue right there), posted a video on Facebook last week, accusing Starbucks of taking “Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups.”

That’s just not true, because the original design of the cups had NO religious iconography in the first place, so Starbucks hasn’t removed anything “Christian” from the cups. Also, Starbucks sells a “Christmas blend,” and it’s called “CHRISTMAS blend” for cryin’ out loud. So it doesn’t look like Starbucks has “removed Christ” at all. He’s right there, in the name of one of Starbucks’ seasonal blends (see below).

I suspect Feuerstein is deliberately scamming people. I think he’s just trying to build a brand for his social media, increase his hits and followers, and maybe even raise some cash from gullible people.


There’s “Christ,” right there in the name of the blend.

Update on the new place


Rumors of the existence of a floor were confirmed yesterday – floor sighted. And more of it may exist than previously believed.

Couch assembled after a herculean effort. Blessings were asked of the great god Ikea and were apparently granted. Assembly surprisingly did not require more than an average number of whispered (because of laryngitis) expletives. A desk may be next.

Coffee maker and coffee found, but not sugar. The coffee gods are obviously unconcerned with the fact that I am of British stock and am not permitted by international law to drink unsweetened coffee or tea. Fortunately, this is Glendale north of the 134 and probably 5 or 6 Starbucks can be sighted from the roof.

Thing learned: Dust allergy can cause laryngitis, sparing neighbors my expertise in connecting disparate expletives in new and exciting ways, albeit unappreciated by the literary community.

Other thing learned: Jumbo means the same thing as extra large when it comes to litter box liners.

Other other thing learned: Lionheart has an extra large, jumbo size litter box. He is obviously overcompensating for some other perceived shortcoming.

Moving sucks

Junk. I have so much junk. A lot of it is easy to part with, but some of it is personal stuff and I stop and think, “Oh, I should keep this.” But then I think, “For what? What good does it do me now? What good will it do when I’m gone? Who’s going to want this after I’m dead? It won’t mean anything.”

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to write Beethoven’s Ninth or anything. There won’t be a cottage industry in things I owned and people won’t be trying to find my burial site. I’m not a primate, baby, I’m a dinosaur. No evolutionary improvements are going to come soaring from my bones, that’s for sure.

And in my head I’m hearing the song, “The rocks, in time, compress your blood to oil, your flesh to coal. Enrich the soil, not everybody’s goal.”

I me mine.

I don’t think the first word-concept humans invented was “I” or “me.” I think it was “mine,” something possessed that must be kept from others. We seem to come from there more than we come from any sense of self or identity. That’s why we still love our things more than our humanity.

Okay, I haven’t had MY coffee yet.

Future boy

Superman Messiah

I dreamed I time traveled 2000 years into the future. There was a whole religion built around Superman, whom everyone was convinced had been a real person. When I tried to tell people that in my time he was just one of many thousands of comic book characters, they asked me, “Why do you hate Superman?” Eventually, I was jailed on charges of heresy.

Dealing with a cranky child in a public place

The other day I was sitting in a food joint. My smartphone was boring so I started watching people.

Across from me, a young couple with a little girl sat down. Working class people, the food they were eating probably represented a sizable portion of their daily finances. The little girl was NOT having a good day. She was cranky, crying, and giving her mother fits. Her mom tried variations of “Be quiet! What do you want? Be quiet!”

Mom was very impatient, which I can understand. She seemed tired and probably worked way too hard for too little pay, but still, I was thinking, “She’s a little kid. Kids get cranky. Telling her to shut up isn’t going to work.” It was then I started to worry that mom and dad were going to give in to their impatience and take it out on the little girl. Yes, I agree with discipline, but I’ve rarely witnessed physical discipline applied with wise restraint, especially in public places.

At that moment, the young father suddenly reached over, picked up the little girl and walked out. Uh oh, I thought. Here it comes. So I kept an eye out.

But I was wrong. This young father, who in my ignorance I would have assumed didn’t know how to properly raise a child, walked around outside holding the little girl. Talking to her. Always gently. I could see the girl calm down, stop crying, and nod when her dad talked to her. What’s more, when she stopped crying and talked to him, he listened.

Dad brought her back inside and sat her down, and said something to mom. Mom looked over and then picked up her daughter and set her in her lap. Apparently, that was all she wanted. She merely wanted to sit in mommy’s lap while she ate.

I learned something about patience. I honestly don’t know if I was as tired as they seemed to be and dealing with a cranky child if I would have been so patient.

I don’t know why but that young family is still on my mind a couple of days later.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have said something to them before they left, bought their lunch for them, something. Gods, I’m an idiot.