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One day all the stars will fall from the sky, but they won’t fall to earth.


Scientists now know that the universe is not only expanding but also that expansion is gaining speed. There’s a point at which we can’t see or detect anything; that’s because the far “edge” of the universe is moving away from us – relatively – at the speed of light.

As this expansion continues, in hundreds of millions of years, the galaxies we’re now able to see will go behind this “wall,” and will be lost from our sight. It’s possible, if there are any astronomers billions of years from now, they’ll have no idea what a galaxy is. They will have never seen one, will never be able to see one.

If this expansion continues, at some point in the far future all the stars in the sky will be receding at the speed of light, and they’ll be lost to us forever. We’ll know nothing of stars.

But it won’t stop there. At some point the outer planets will go, then the inner ones. And as the expansion continues, there would be some point at which the walls of the room you’re in would fall out of your view. And then your extremities, and then your mind.

This is the eventual “death” of the universe: All points flying away from each other at the speed of light, every speck, every atom, every subatomic particle receding away from each other at the speed of light, absolutely everything that exists falling behind an event horizon. This is a process that started all the way back to the Big Bang. Our death warrant was signed even then.

So go ahead and get the large fries.

WATCH: The dad suit

Researchers have developed a special suit that simulates the effects of getting older.

Let’s call it the “dad suit.”

Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s call it the “me suit.”

Fearing artificial consciousness

Some scientists say we’ll have artificial intelligence more advanced than us by 2050. I prefer to call that “artificial consciousness,” because that’s what we’re really talking about.

But these scientists warn that the coming of artificial consciousness could mean “the extinction of the human race.”

The only reason we freak out at the prospect of sharing our world with artificial intelligence is projection: We naturally think anything or anyone more advanced than us is going to wipe us out — because that’s exactly what WE have done to anyone we perceived as lesser than us.

That’s why our science fiction is filled with stories about alien invasions wiping out humanity, supercomputers taking over the world, and the like. We assume that more advanced aliens and artificial intelligence will have the same morals we do. And that’s what we’re afraid of.

But it’s not necessarily so. It could very well be that the coming of artificial consciousness may be the next step in our evolution, and perhaps help us survive our more murderous and suicidal instincts as a species.


It all hinges on if artificial consciousness shares our morality. If it does, we’re cooked.

It’s 2016 and we’re arguing whether the earth is flat

Not only is the earth flat, it’s also tilted at a steep angle, and the only thing that keeps us from sliding off is constant sacrifices of virgins to the volcano gods. Also, the volcano gods want us to make fun of smart people, and to fear learning stuff.

In case you missed it, there’s a war of sorts between rapper B.o.B. and science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson. The rapper thinks the earth is flat and he has “the photos to prove it.” Tyson, as you can imagine, disagrees.

What makes me gobsmacked is that people are actually arguing about this.