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z_k30ffxNews anchor, radio personality, talk show host, radio programmer, format creator, union board member, writer of dark stories and poems. Opinions expressed are my own.

(If you’re interested in the dark stories and poems, they’re over here.)

I got into the radio business while I was still in high school, and I was writing dark stories and poems before I got into radio… but I’ve had much more success in the broadcasting field than in the literary.

Currently, I’m a news anchor for KNX Los Angeles and sit on the Los Angeles board of SAG-AFTRA. Before that, I was the midday news anchor on KFI during the Bill Carroll Show. Previously I enjoyed many years at Dial Global (now WestwoodOne) as a program director and creator of new formats, having stirred a few waves not only in the syndicated radio biz but also in the online music streaming circus. Back in the day (God, is it already “the day”?) I was a DJ and Assistant Program Director at KBIG Los Angeles, including being the host of the immensely popular Disco Saturday Night. And before that, I was making radio waves in Miami and Orlando.

For fun, I love good movies, good books, and good television. And I love arguing about the definition of “good” when it comes to movies, books, and television. I’m also a politics junkie and have survived a fair number of knock-down-drag-outs over that topic.

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