Evangelical Christian leader & Trump supporter Franklin Graham is leading the charge against Amy Grant, a longtime superstar in Christian music. Her sin is not casually bragging about sexually assaulting women or having an affair with a porn star and then paying her off — Graham overlooked those things in Trump.

Amy Grant’s offense, in Graham’s eyes, is far worse. She plans to host her niece’s same-sex wedding at their 450-acre farm.

Grant is no stranger to evangelical cancel culture, having gone through the same thing when she divorced in 1999. Christian radio stations stopped playing her music. Christian bookstores pulled her albums from the shelves. She gradually came back into favor as divorce rates are certainly no better in the evangelical community than in any other. Many of the pastors and leaders condemning her divorce turned out to have been divorced and remarried, too.

But hosting a wedding for a family member and not disowning her for her same-sex marriage is a line too far for some in the far-right American evangelical movement. And Graham, speaking for God, has declared that God ain’t happy with Amy Grant.