Does Keurig have a problem with its new K-Supreme model?

I bought one in October and loved it. New technology brews more flavor out of each pod. But after a few weeks, it gave me a descale warning, then a second one, and then it stopped working. It wouldn’t even turn on.

I returned it to the store and replaced it with another K-Supreme model. But after another few weeks, the new one shut down and wouldn’t turn back on—the same issue.

I posted about it on social media and heard from several people who had experienced the same thing.

I’ve now got one of the earlier versions of the brewer, and a new Nespresso is on the way. (People say “Get a Nespresso!” with the same enthusiasm they used to say “Get a Mac!” if you had a problem PC.)

I’ve called Keurig and told them they might have a design flaw in the K-Supreme. They sent me some free coffee pods for my trouble, but if there’s an issue with that model, they need to fix it.