It would be nice if a school board somewhere would ban my short story collection. I could use the money.

But I’m not sure there’s anything in there they would object to. OR IS THERE?

One story is about a person who finds out they may be the antichrist, and some fun is poked at certain famous televangelists and a former Fox News host. And it certainly touches on the Christian religion, at least that particular brand of American Christianity looking for the Antichrist to bring about the end of the world. So maybe they might find that offensive enough to put my book on the bonfire.

Another story pokes some fun at anti-science politicians. Maybe that would offend some school boards.

One story features someone going into an afterlife, but it’s not the Christian heaven, so perhaps that might touch on some nerves.

I don’t know. But I’m sure going to try harder in the next one to run afoul of the book-haters. Wish me luck. (And feel free to buy a copy of this one just in case. Thanks!)