My new piece is up on SoundCloud where you can stream it for free.

It’s actually two different pieces jammed together with a coda. “Valerio” came first, a little solo acoustic thing I wrote on the Cordoba flamenco. It took a while before it felt right and I figured out where to put the tricky little time signature changes. And then figuring out the fingerpicking and the best way to play it.

“Trazodone” started as a counterpoint to “Valerio,” but I separated out the melody and created its own thing with it.

“Coda” is just a restatement of “Trazodone,” but the sound makes me think of Hans Zimmer’s score for Interstellar.

If you want to buy the download in FLAC or another high-definition format, click here.

This will be on the second Homeboy Veronica album, which will be finished this year.