Someone faked a video of Governor Newsom to make it appear he suffered a horrible side effect from getting a Covid vaccine booster shot. Think about that for a minute. Someone wanting to convince you vaccines are bad FAKED a video. In other words, they knowingly LIED to convince you not to get vaccinated.

If the vaccine is really that bad, why do they have to LIE about it?

Think about it.

Whoever did this didn’t make a mistake, didn’t make an error, because they had to work to FAKE the video. They had to purposefully, knowingly engage in outright dishonesty.

When you knowingly have to lie to convince someone of something, you know it’s not true.

If you’re addicted to conspiracy theories, you need to ask yourself: Who gains from lying to you that Covid vaccines are dangerous and that you shouldn’t be vaccinated? Who gains from the pandemic continuing and more people getting sick and dying from it? Who gains from the continuing erosion in Americans’ ability to discern what’s factual and what’s not?