I’ve been in radio for 41 years, but it just dawned on me that I’ve been a news anchor for the last 15.

I’ve been a music radio personality in country, adult-contemporary, rock, alternative, disco, and rhythmic formats. I’ve done a little talk radio (a few shows here and there). I’ve been a program director, a music director, an operations manager and created new music formats from scratch.

But the weird thing about being a news anchor is that I’ve had several very talented people I worked with in the past tell me that I was born to do this. I had one award-winning PD tell me, “If I’d have known you could do news, I would have moved you there.” Don Barrett wrote about me after I debuted my first news shifts back in 2006, “It sounds like he’s been a news anchor his whole life.” (I think it surprised him that the host of KBIG’s Disco Saturday Night and Boogie Nights could do the news!)

I don’t relay all that to brag; I relay it because it was high praise from people I admire, and it made me feel great. (It’s always good to hear from others that they think you do what you do well.)

When I started my radio career, I never imagined that news is where I’d land decades down the road. But here I am, lucky to do something I enjoy doing, and doing it with some very talented fellow anchors, reporters, writers, editors, producers, production assistants, and managers, many of whom are the best in the field and have the wall of awards to prove it. (KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO wins awards like my body produces kidney stones, that is, often and many.)

I love radio, and I love writing & journalism, so being a broadcast journalist is a pretty cool place to be. And one day, I’ll be a third as good as Brian Williams.