Here are videos of a couple of my newest songs which will show up in the new album later this year.

The first is “That Which Absolves,” which is about the guilt we sometimes feel at how we left things when a loved one passes on. The only thing that absolves the guilt is how we remember them, because that’s the only way they exist now. So give them the best afterlife by remembering them well.

That’s my wife’s hand photographed with a Rodin sculpture in the video.

The next song is “Let Them See What They’ve Done,” featuring newsreel footage of John F. Kennedy’s funeral. On the plane back to DC after the assassination, aides asked Jackie Kennedy if she wanted to change her clothes because they were stained with her husband’s blood. She reportedly replied, “No, let them see what they’ve done to Jack.”

You can download the music tracks in high-definition audio from Bandcamp at this link. It’s a great way to support independent music artists.