Facebook’s community rules are good — but they’re applied in a completely backward way. I posted a note taking apart some very dumb vax conspiracy theories. Mind you, I was CONDEMNING conspiracy theories… and Facebook warned me I’m violating its policies and subject to being booted from the platform.

That’s not all. Facebook gives me a warning whenever I criticize white supremacists. When I CRITICIZE them.

But wait, there’s more. I get about six fake friend requests a day. The profiles are nothing more than suggestive photos of women with the same text promoting what looks like a sex trafficking site. I flag them like a good citizen, but Facebook has now warned me to stop. They say the accounts are not fake.

And there’s NEVER a reply whenever I question these insane warnings.

So, here are Facebook’s rules, AS I UNDERSTAND THEM. Do NOT make fun of conspiracy theories. Do NOT hurt the feelings of white supremacists. Do NOT report sex trafficking sites slinging fake friend requests all over the platform.

I won’t be surprised if Facebook sees this when I post it there, figures out some obscure way I’m violating policies, and suspends me.