The military has some of the highest-tech camera technology in the world. Yet the new video and photos of “UFOs” are so grainy & fuzzy, you can’t even tell if it’s a bug crawling on a lens or the reflection of a light or magnetic source playing off the video & radar equipment.

If military “UFO” sightings are happening with the frequency described by overly-credulous TV shows looking for ratings, where’s the crystal clear, high-definition footage taken in broad daylight?

And when I hear an “eyewitness” describe how the “UFO” “moved with our aircraft, imitating our motion, it knew we were there,” I’m reminded of watching streetlight reflections on my windshield as I drive down the road.

“UFO” sightings always increase when stress is impacting society. Cold War tensions. Russia launching the first Sputnik putting Americans on edge. And now a global pandemic and political instability in the world’s most vital democracy. Yep. Times are ripe.