I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve certainly heard a lot about the one-sided Harry and Meghan interview. From where do I approach this? Remembering that Harry thought it was fun and funny to dress up as a Nazi, for one. And recognizing that, yes, even though a one-sided view might be the truth, it’s still just one side. And I am questioning why Harry and Meghan didn’t identify the specific people who allegedly made racist comments, leading the rest of us to condemn the entire royal family as racist. So, there’s all that.

I have no question that Meghan was the target of some incredibly vicious tabloid coverage in the UK. They went after her with unmitigated glee and it’s fair to question why, and whether the Royal Family did enough to push back.

Meanwhile, a half-million Americans have died. We’re having issues with vaccine rollouts, and some governors seem to want to see another Covid surge in their states they can blame on the other party because mass death is nothing if not a political cudgel to score points. But yay, photogenic ex-members of a wealthy royal family got big ratings talking about how terrible and awful it is to be in a wealthy royal family, indeed a more terrible fate than that suffered by people who’ve been out of work for nearly a year and are going hungry.

No, I haven’t had my coffee yet.