Homeboy Veronica is my band. Well, actually, it’s just me.

I’ve been a music hobbyist for many, many years. I’m a self-taught guitarist who is a fan of, but has no deep understanding of, music theory. I’ve had perhaps three guitar lessons in my life. I’m not a professional musician by any means.

But I’m recording again, after more than 20 years. And with the help of MIDI guitar controllers, some new guitars, and Apple’s Garageband, I can do things I only dreamed of doing back then.

Here are a couple of my new songs — “When Harlie was one,” named after the David Gerrold novel, and “Laparoscopic.” There’s no need to tell me they’re not professional, I know that. I record music that sounds good to me, going as far as my hobbyist talent will take me. I hope you enjoy them.