“I’ll be there with you!” President Trump told the angry mob as he urged them to march on the Capitol and “fight.” “Combat,” as Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, said.

But Trump was not there with them. He didn’t march with them. He wasn’t at the Capitol. As soon as he finished inciting the crowd from behind bulletproof shields, he climbed into his bulletproof vehicle and made his way back to the White House, literally going in the opposite direction, to watch the American carnage unfold on TV.

Some aides tell reporters that Trump seemed almost gleeful watching the insurrection, watching the mob break into and loot the Capitol of the United States.

“I’ll be there with you,” Trump said. But he had no intention of going with them. He was happy to watch the violence while safe behind White House walls, Marine guards, and Secret Service agents.

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence, whom Trump had thrown to his wolves to be blamed for not overturning the election, was frightened as he was whisked to safety when the insurrectionist mob broke into the Capitol. There are reports that at no point did Trump inquire after Pence to see if he was okay.

Pictures from this day of infamy show one mobster inside the building, dressed in military gear and carrying a handful of zip ties. Reporters say the wannabe militiaman was asking where he could find Senators and Mr. Pence. Yet another dangerous individual with untold plans that may have included, at the very least, kidnapping, or at the worst, murder. (For reference, ask Governor Gretchen Whitmer.)

“I’ll be there with you.” But Mr. Trump had no intention of being with the “suckers” he riled up to violence with lies and conspiracy theories. He knew that violence would be the result, and he had no intention of putting himself in any danger.

But his Vice President, Senators, Representatives, aides, Capitol Police, security guards? Not a thought for them. And not a thought for any of his followers who might get hurt or killed in the coup attempt.