One day, Pete Buttigieg will be president, but it won’t be next year.

Bernie Sanders is not the frontrunner. I know many pundits are calling him that, but he’s not. He’s behind Buttigieg in delegates, and that makes calling him the frontrunner a little ridiculous. No one is the frontrunner for the nomination right now.

I’m going to go out on a thin, early limb and predict that Michael Bloomberg will be the Democratic nominee. Why? Because the overwhelming wish of the majority of Democrats is to beat Donald Trump, and Joe Biden no longer appears to be that candidate. The billionaire and his massive war chest will be acknowledged by rank and file Democrats as being Trump’s most potent opponent. The conservative and moderate wings of the party will go for Bloomberg, and the progressive wing will eventually fall in line because beating Trump outweighs all other considerations. Bloomberg also has the best chance of convincing Republicans who can no longer fully support Trump to cross the aisle for a mainstream, moderate, and, well, stable candidate.

And here’s my other, more disturbing prediction: If Trump loses the election, he will not accept the results. He will claim the election was “rigged” and is invalid. Bill Barr’s Justice Department and the Senate GOP will back him up, perhaps going so far as to have the DOJ file criminal charges. These moves will lead to the most monumental Constitutional crisis this country has seen since the Civil War.