These are dark days for the performer’s union in the entertainment capital of the world.

What’s happening at SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles is a misinformation campaign from the “Hollywood” Membership First (MeFirst) faction still angry that the union merged, and that Hollywood is no longer the end-all-be-all of all union work. So there are lies, misinformation, and ginning up hate and fake outrage for political retribution.

Anyone who calls them out on it is called names, yelled at, told to shut up and sit down in forums where ALL representatives have a right to have their say at the microphone. It is Trumpian politics come to the boardroom. It’s sad and discouraging.

The president of the Los Angeles local seems to think that unless you agree with her MeFirst faction, you can’t REALLY be a member. But whether she likes it or not, I AM a member. I pay my dues. I serve on the local board. Not only that, but I get SAG screeners, and I get to vote for the SAG Awards. Imagine that!

(And believe it or not, I’ve heard from some who say that non-actors in the union should not be allowed to vote on SAG Awards. Yes, it’s that ridiculous.)