Let me get this out of the way first: The only reason I care about Lost In Space is that without Lost, there would have been no Star Trek.

In the mid-60s, NBC was primarily interested in Gene Roddenberry’s idea of a space adventure show because CBS had a hit with Irwin Allen’s campy space opera.

Netflix, the current king of streaming, has just announced it is bringing back Lost In Space. The new version is said to be “epic” and “grounded,” which I assume means it won’t be the kiddie show the original 60s drama became.

Even in my childhood eyes at the time, Lost In Space was just too dumb for me, whereas Trek opened my mind to new ideas and sparked a lifelong love of science fiction. But with Trek returning as a series streaming on CBS All Access, and Lost In Space being revived on Netflix, these two iconic shows could be going head to head once again.

Trek was always the more serious-minded effort, where Lost was known for its campiness. Will fans of the old show miss “Danger, Will Robinson!” too much to enjoy a more serious reboot?

Get the details of the new Lost In Space from Deadline Hollywood.