“Tomorrowland” is an antidote for today’s negative, dystopian movies. The cast is great and all perform well in this throwback to Disney family films circa 1960 with a positive, uplifting message that OF COURSE will not be appreciated by today’s pessimistic, dystopian-addicted audiences.

Brad Bird directs with the same action flair he brought to his masterful CGI movie “The Incredibles.” For those of us who experienced Disneyland and Disney World before you had to take out a loan to visit, it brings back some wonderful memories — it’s a small world after all in the carousel of progress. And there are plenty of nods to some great sci-fi films thrown in for good measure.

There was a time when the future was bright and something we all looked forward to… “Tomorrowland” earnestly–maybe a little too earnestly–tries to take us back to that future.