Yes, it’s true – I just joined the CBS Radio family at KNX 1070 Newsradio.

For the next few days I’m all about the training and trying to learn a whole set of new names and faces, and I’m proud as I can be to be a part of such a great heritage associated with two sets of three letters — KNX and CBS.

But now to answer the question I’ve been asked all day:

(And by the way, I’m totally on Team “Don went back and created the Coke commercial.” That’s what I think happened and it’s the most logical ending for all we’ve seen of him through the entire series. OF COURSE he went back! But he went back at peace and knowing who he truly is — and as a result did his best work ever.)

Radio, TV

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  1. Congratulations, Rob Archer! I imagine all-news KNX is the ultimate job for a news anchor….looks to be a “win-win-win” for KNX, you, and your local fans! Warmest regards, Sherry & Gary

  2. Awesome news, Rob Archer! I quit listening to KFI immediately after you departed, as something seemed “fishy” to me with regards to your sudden departure. This forced me to “re-discover” both KNX and KABC after many years of following KFI.

    Best wishes on your new beginning, and I will be listening!

    San Diego Rob Archer Fan


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