Photo credit: Rob Archer
Photo credit: Rob Archer

In an effort to save money and reduce plastic waste, I’ve gone back to making coffee the old fashioned way. Sorry, Keurig. I still love you, though, even with your 400% markup on one K-Cup compared to a cup of drip-style. But right now I’m not Bill Gates, okay?

Think about that: You’re paying 400% more for a K-Cup than you do if you bought a bag of ground coffee and brewed it yourself.

Yes, I’ve tried the refillable pod but terrible tasting coffee is always the result. Here’s why: Keurig brews at 192 degrees, while coffee experts recommend water be between 197.5 to 204 degrees for the best brew. (The SCAA recommends 200 degrees.) The lower Keurig temperature works fine on coffee packed inside pre-packaged K-Cups, but not on ground coffee you put in the refillable pod.

Besides, the latest Keurig 2.0 models don’t even allow refillable pods. That’s probably why sales have fallen drastically. The company promises to bring back refillables but it may be too late to recoup lost market share.

Now, this where my dad comes in to tell me back in his day he just threw some old grounds into a cup and poured hot water on them. Then he had to lick the road clean with his tongue. You kids get off his lawn.