mortbookKurt Vonnegut said, “Love whoever’s around to be loved.” And to that I’ve added, “and be good to dogs and cats, because they’re pure.”

Well, there might be another reason to be good to dogs and cats, because maybe, just maybe, one day they might suddenly stand on their hind legs, grow hands with opposable thumbs, learn how to talk… and how to take revenge on humans who have mistreated them.

Mort(e) by Robert Repino is a wild, audacious, thrilling and sad novel about talking cats, dogs and ants suddenly gaining dominion over humankind; and about war, and cruelty, and love, and faith. In the end, it turns out that love is stronger than God.

The story of a cat’s undying love for a lost dog, who searches for her across years of apocalyptic warfare and the rebuilding of an animal society that turns out to be all too human, is a brilliant examination of our culture as well as a great sci-fi action thriller. I’m sad I’ve finished and there’s no more to read.

Dear Hollywood: this would be a great one to turn into a movie, but please don’t screw it up. When you slather on the CGI, try not to cut the heart out of it. If you do, I will sic the ants on you.