Ex Machina still

If you’re tired of action thrillers dressed up in sci fi trappings, if you long for REAL science fiction served up with as many thought provoking ideas as CGI effects, then Ex Machina is for you. It’s got deep dialog, some funny lines, incredible but understated effects, and most of all, a real, honest to goodness science fiction story.

Writer/director Alex Garland came so close to writing a great sci fi film with Sunshine, the story only losing it in the final act, but with Machina he wins all the way through.

The most fascinating thing here is we’re not that far off from artificial intelligence, and it will be the cultural debate we will have to have when AI becomes reality. Do we fear it? Should we embrace it? Should we merge with it? What will morality mean to an AI? Can humanity coexist with it? Whatever the answers are, Ex Machina is a perfect jumping off point for those discussions, and that’s what makes for great science fiction.