And all of a sudden the future, as they say, is wide open.

I can say that sentence wistfully, fearfully, or optimistically. I’m doing all three moment to moment.

I’m looking forward to whatever’s next. Working at KFI was a monumental amount of fun, stretched me creatively, taught me invaluable lessons and introduced me to an uncanny number of seriously talented individuals. Some of those peeps are scary good.

But I’m warning you now — L.A. has tried to get rid of me before. The City of Angels hasn’t been able to let me go for good yet.

In the meantime, if anyone you know is looking for a radio guy who’s a news anchor, programmer, writer, on-air personality, format creator and/or cat wrangler, send ’em my way. I promise to wear pants at all future job interviews.


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  1. We miss your voice, delivery, humor, etc., at KFI, and hope you resurface soon in the L.A. market. Until then….happy trails to you! Warmest regards, Sherry & Gary C., of Sun Valley


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