Jon Stewart

Dear Comedy Central: You can hire me as the new host of The Daily Show for the low, low price of only 100K a year. But call soon before NBC snatches me up.

I’m not really sure I can handle a world that doesn’t have Jon Stewart around to deconstruct a news event and make sure that no matter how crappy it is, we find some way to laugh at it. Somewhere inside the deepest tragedy somebody is slipping on a banana peel.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Stewart is stepping down from The Daily Show this year. His contract is set to expire in the fall… presumably that’s when he’ll be leaving. I can’t even begin to imagine the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign remaining unskewered by him.

With the concurrent news of Brian Williams being suspended without pay from his NBC anchor chair for 6 months, this is a good place for me to remind you that, long before Williams’ Iraq helicopter embellishments, the online readers of Time magazine voted Stewart a far more trusted newscaster than Williams. (See here.)

Yes, it was an online poll. But in retrospect, which one do you trust more?