Brian Williams accident prone

Chances are NBC’s Brian Williams isn’t going to survive the current Iraq war story peccadillo. So who would be next in the news anchor chair?

The top two names being mentioned are the Today Show’s Matt Lauer and weekend anchor Lester Holt. Lauer is better known, but his leaving the Today show would have a bigger negative impact on network ratings and revenue than any addition to the evening news. Holt, when he fills in for Brian Williams, tends to maintain the nightly news numbers. But is there anyone else who could get the slot?

If NBC is listening, I’ve got an offer: I’ll gladly be your next nightly news anchor. No, I’m not nationally known, I don’t look as good on TV as Brian Williams, but I can save you a ton of money — you only have to pay me 200K a year. Heck, you can talk me down to 100K if you throw in some free dinners and movie tickets.

Plus, I’ve never claimed to have been shot down in a helicopter. I did, however, help bust Princess Leia out of the Death Star. I may have also fired the shot that blew up the Empire’s planet-killing space station, but I might be misremembering.

So, what do you say, NBC? I’ll be waiting by the phone.

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