Okay. Here’s comes a “you kids get off my lawn” rant that is sure to offend. You’ve been warned.

The only way to be completely safe is for me to not mention anything about any holiday, because someone somewhere will be offended at what IS said or ISN’T said, and there’s just no winning that battle. Xmas or Christmas or whatever anyone wants to call it seems to have become a season about finding offense about something. It’s a “war on Christmas!” because someone didn’t enunciate the greeting with enough orthodoxy.

It’s enough that the season starts the commercialization nonsense earlier and earlier, and it’s enough that it’s become all about greed and buying the biggest and best and beating everyone else at gift-giving… but now it’s all about taking offense and working hard to find some reason to be offended at how someone else either celebrates or doesn’t celebrate it. I’m really tired of the whole shebang and will be happy when January comes around.

Now you kids get off my lawn.