First of all, big thanks to Amy King for filling in for me during my absence. I’m sure Bill enjoyed it.

I had the terrible “nose splints” removed today, but it looks like there was some slight damage to my vocal cords during surgery last week, so the doctor prescribed mandatory vocal silence for the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday, and says then and only then will I be able to return to work on Friday.

Can you begin to imagine how hard it is for someone like me not to talk at all? Even if there’s no one else home, I’m talking to the cat. (Sometimes the cat talks back but that’s another blog post.)

Here’s how much I talk: When the anesthesiologist began pumping me with the meds to put me under, I was still talking, even though the memory center of my brain was no longer functioning. That means I was still yakking and telling jokes even though I had no memory of it.

Below is a picture that was taken as the anesthesiologist, Dr. Sdrales, began giving me “the good stuff.” The last thing I remember saying was, “Whoa, this feels good!” but apparently, I was still jawing away as they wheeled me into the surgery suite. I have absolutely no memory of this picture being taken. And as you can see, I was in a pretty good mood…

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