The surgical procedure last Thursday morning was a success.

Well, that’s what they tell me, but the recovery the first few days was very painful, even with the help of my new friends Mr. Percocet and Mr. Vicodin. The surgeon, Dr. Zandifar, and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Sdlares, both tell me the operation went without a hitch. (Details of the procedure are in my last blog post.)

I’m told that even after they began putting me under, I continued telling jokes. I have absolutely no memory of that – the last thing I can recall is saying, “Whoa, that feels kinda good!”

After that it’s a complete blank. The staff told me what I said and yes, the jokes were mine, including a dirty joke I told in Brian Holt’s office that actually made Bill Carroll laugh. Apparently I kept talking for another 10 minutes… not even heavy drugs can make me shut up! It’s very strange to hear my words repeated back to me and have no memory of saying them.

The photo above was taken by Ronnie Loaiza just a few minutes before anesthesia.

Thank you so much to everyone who Facebooked, tweeted, emailed and texted! I appreciate all of you, and that’s not just the drugs talking.

My first post-op appointments are Wednesday to have the splint removed and my vocal cords checked, and if all goes well I’m planning to be back on the air Thursday. See you then!

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