Robin Williams

Hyper-creativity is a bright fire. It’s also incredibly hot and tends to burn up those who bear it.

It is often running from inner demons that drives creative people to the limits of their art, but many times those demons overtake them and demand a price. The lucky ones manage to outrun those mental devils and eventually find a kind of peace, or at least enough of a quietness to survive the temptation to destroy themselves.

There’s no way of knowing what was inside Robin Williams’ fiery, bright brain, whether it was depression he had been dealing with for years, or something more recent brought on by his heart issues, but whatever it was that made him feel he had to step off the stage, we’ll miss him.

There are so many movies and appearances and TV shows Williams did that made me a fan, but the first time I realized his genius was in the film, “The World According to Garp.” His performance made that one of my favorite movies. I knew then he was more than just an incredibly funny comedian but a brilliant actor as well.

Robin had enough funny in him to fill the lifetimes of ten comedians, but he was also a brilliant actor and a sweet, sweet soul.

I’m heartbroken.

Rest in peace.

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