A quick tour of my old high school

I graduated from what was then known as Christian Day School in Belle Glade, FL in 1981. I probably haven’t stepped foot inside the building since then.

I was surprised to find the building still there… The last I had seen it, it was abandoned and had been sold off by First Baptist Church in Belle Glade, which had owned and operated the school. It appears the church has reopened it and turned it into a youth center.

The video was taken by Ronnie Loaiza who is a personal trainer and could not resist stopping to give someone tips on her exercise routine.

Fun with conspiracy theories

This cat picture is here to distract you from the truth

One of the latest and craziest conspiracy theories circling the abyss of the Internet is that President Obama is deliberately importing Ebola into the US for “population control,” i.e. the president is plotting to wipe out a vast majority of Americans for… well, something.

The facts that the 2 Americans who had it have recovered and that other cases thought to be Ebola turned out not to be… Well, no one ever let facts or logic get in the way of a conspiracy theory.

We can add this to other fun conspiracy theories… like President Bush was building a massive network of FEMA concentration camps to round up liberals (which was immediately followed by the theory that Obama is building a massive network of FEMA concentration camps to round up conservatives), or that Bush planned and carried out 9-11, or that President Clinton was actually a shape shifting space alien who, along with the British royal family, was behind cattle mutilations and crop circles.


The truth that nobody sees is that the secretive group behind all world events today is not a president or any other politician… it’s obviously cats. I mean, c’mon, what other explanation can there be?

A REAL challenge… and you don’t need an ice bucket

Image credit: WikipediaHere’s a REAL challenge: Have someone blow a whistle into your ear for 24 hours straight, or donate $100 to the American Tinnitus Association.

I’m only kidding about the whistle… but for many people, that’s what tinnitus is like. All the time. So after you’ve done the ice bucket challenge and donated money to fight ALS, consider donating a little to fight tinnitus and help find and fund a cure.

Tinnitus affects 50 million Americans with a ringing in the ears that never, ever stops. In many cases, it gets progressively worse as you get older. It robs you of peace and sleep, and in many cases it increases anxiety and depression.

I’ve had it since 2003, and haven’t experienced a moment of silence since then.

There are new treatments on the horizon, but as of yet there’s no cure and no treatment that helps everyone.

Here’s the link: http://www.ata.org/

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The breakdown of politics

When Americans compare politicians they don’t like to mass murderers, terrorists and infamous killing regimes from history (aka Hitler), our politics have gotten stupid, ridiculous… and cancerous. No wonder we can’t get anything done. Ineffective politicians mired in brainless partisanship are simply a reflection of the voters who put them there.

In my opinion.

The best politics are when we send people to Washington, state capitals or our county and city councils with the idea of working with opponents in order to craft the best compromise to get things done for the benefit of all of us, not just one side. It’s how our country was founded.

We’ve got people of many different political stripes in our society, and if we want things done we need to support politicians who understand and acknowledge that if we’re going to live together, we have to work together, not shut each other down out of political spite.

Unfortunately, it seems like we’re electing way too many people exactly the opposite of that.

“Burned by the fire we make”

Robin Williams

Hyper-creativity is a bright fire. It’s also incredibly hot and tends to burn up those who bear it.

It is often running from inner demons that drives creative people to the limits of their art, but many times those demons overtake them and demand a price. The lucky ones manage to outrun those mental devils and eventually find a kind of peace, or at least enough of a quietness to survive the temptation to destroy themselves.

There’s no way of knowing what was inside Robin Williams’ fiery, bright brain, whether it was depression he had been dealing with for years, or something more recent brought on by his heart issues, but whatever it was that made him feel he had to step off the stage, we’ll miss him.

There are so many movies and appearances and TV shows Williams did that made me a fan, but the first time I realized his genius was in the film, “The World According to Garp.” His performance made that one of my favorite movies. I knew then he was more than just an incredibly funny comedian but a brilliant actor as well.

Robin had enough funny in him to fill the lifetimes of ten comedians, but he was also a brilliant actor and a sweet, sweet soul.

I’m heartbroken.

Rest in peace.

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