Clear Channel provides coffee to its hard-working employees. We use these big “pods” that utilize bags of coffee brewed into large pots. The only problem is sometimes half the coffee goes to waste because it gets cold and stale and eventually gets dumped in favor of brewing a newer, fresher pot.

So I had this brilliant idea to save the company some money… How about replacing these large pods with a bank of single-serve Keurig brewers? People could make the one cup they need in just one minute, and that way no half-full coffee pots have to be dumped because it got cold.

I patted myself on the back because of this brilliant idea, and explained it to a coworker. The coworker seemed unimpressed, and then with just a few words made my brilliant plan come crashing down like the Tower of Babel.

“Nah. People would just steal the Keurig K-cups and take ’em home.”

My best-laid plans… foiled yet again by human nature.