I had plans this weekend. But Netflix had other plans.

Netflix made the 2nd season of “House of Cards” available on Friday – all 13 episodes of it. It’s how they did the 1st season and all their original series.

So, helpless before the big screen altar, I started the binge on Saturday and managed to get through the season by Sunday morning.

The final episode ended EXACTLY the way I thought it would, and in fact the final shot was just as I had pictured it, but it was still loads of fun getting there.

It was the perfect way to end the series. And late last year the producers had said that House of Cards would end with the 2nd season.

But we all know how the industry works — HoC is such a huge hit there’s no way Netflix would let it go or the show’s producers could walk away from what I’m sure is an ungodly amount of cash to bring it back, and Netflix announced on February 4 that there will indeed be a season 3.