I’m catching up on my SAG screeners this awards season and jamming lots of movie watching into the weekend. Here are a couple I managed to consume Saturday…

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: Furious, cynical and savage. One can’t fault the direction, the script or the acting, but man, I just couldn’t feel for protagonist Jordan Belfort, I had no sympathy for him, and I’m disappointed he didn’t get enough of what was coming to him in the end. Three and a half stock trades out of five.

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY: I get the feeling this one went right over the heads of critics and landed firmly in the laps of the audience who loved it. While not quite a work of genius even though the cinematography is award-worthy, it’s sweet and wonderful in an otherwise dark movie season. It felt a bit ridiculous at times, but the ending was sweet enough to make up for its faults. Four wallets out of five.


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