Over the last few days I’ve had two people make a similar comment to me about how I sometimes seem unconcerned about their lives, that I rarely ask how they’re doing, and that I may be a bit of a narcissist.

The comments interested me because… well, they were about me.

It’s all going into my new book, Narcissism and What It Means to Me. When it’s published I’m buying all the copies for myself.

But seriously, point taken. I don’t think I’m unconcerned about the lives of others, and I think I do ask how someone is doing and how their day is going. But if a couple of people make the same comment, maybe I’m not doing it enough.

So, in my continuing efforts to be a better human, because after all this is about me, I will try to do better. I’ll try to make sure more of my conversations are about the person I’m talking to.

With that in mind, how are you?

And how will that affect me?

Dammit! I guess I’ve still got work to do.