Skateboarding cat is amazeballs

At the risk of perpetrating the idea the Internet has only two purposes, one of them being cat videos (you know what the other one is), I present…

Cat on a skateboard:

Cat on a skateboard wins the Internet because, hey, it’s a cat on a skateboard.

Jack gets the job done in Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a well-crafted spy thriller that hits all the requisite notes, mostly carried by the appealing Chris Pine (Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot), and is capably assisted by Kevin Costner and Kiera Knightley. Director Kenneth Branagh, doing double duty as the villain, manages to both under play AND chew scenery at the same time. Enjoyable and worth the ticket price, even if a bit by-the-numbers. The audience definitely likes it more than the critics do.

Tom Clancy fans, take note: The story is not based on any of the Clancy novels, but rather it serves as a reboot of sorts, with Paramount in the business of launching another franchise for some guaranteed ticket sales down the road. However, a softer-than-expected ticket take this weekend may put the damper on those plans. We’ll see.

Shorthand reviews: Wolf and Mitty

I’m catching up on my SAG screeners this awards season and jamming lots of movie watching into the weekend. Here are a couple I managed to consume Saturday…

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: Furious, cynical and savage. One can’t fault the direction, the script or the acting, but man, I just couldn’t feel for protagonist Jordan Belfort, I had no sympathy for him, and I’m disappointed he didn’t get enough of what was coming to him in the end. Three and a half stock trades out of five.

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY: I get the feeling this one went right over the heads of critics and landed firmly in the laps of the audience who loved it. While not quite a work of genius even though the cinematography is award-worthy, it’s sweet and wonderful in an otherwise dark movie season. It felt a bit ridiculous at times, but the ending was sweet enough to make up for its faults. Four wallets out of five.

Narcissism and what it means to me

Over the last few days I’ve had two people make a similar comment to me about how I sometimes seem unconcerned about their lives, that I rarely ask how they’re doing, and that I may be a bit of a narcissist.

The comments interested me because… well, they were about me.

It’s all going into my new book, Narcissism and What It Means to Me. When it’s published I’m buying all the copies for myself.

But seriously, point taken. I don’t think I’m unconcerned about the lives of others, and I think I do ask how someone is doing and how their day is going. But if a couple of people make the same comment, maybe I’m not doing it enough.

So, in my continuing efforts to be a better human, because after all this is about me, I will try to do better. I’ll try to make sure more of my conversations are about the person I’m talking to.

With that in mind, how are you?

And how will that affect me?

Dammit! I guess I’ve still got work to do.

Old Spice "Mom Song" ad creeps me out

When a business spends money on an ad, they want one that will stick in your head because of a catchy jingle or memorable imagery.

This one definitely stays in your head… but I think it gave me nightmares last night!