American Hustle is absolutely terrific, featuring award-worthy performances from everyone involved. Everyone in the cast knocks it out of the park. And my gods, Amy Adams’ cleavage. They’ve got to make a special lifetime achievement award for Amy Adams’ cleavage. Did I mention Amy Adams’ cleavage? Don’t anyone dare question my inexplicable crush on Amy Adams again, not until you’ve seen her in American Hustle. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in a fetal position in the bathtub for the next couple of hours.

Of course, the other real stars of the show, aside from the aforementioned cleavage, is hair. In fact, in the character’s hyper-involved hairstyles lie the core message about them. The movie starts with Christian Bale’s insanely complex combover job… which illustrates what he’s all about. In fact, it’s what the all the characters are about — trying desperately to be something they’re not, trying desperately to be something better than what they are, to get one over on each other at all costs. It’s all lies and subterfuge, not so much trying to deceive others (though there’s that too) but deceiving themselves as well.

The story may meander a bit, but the performances of the cast overcome the shortcomings. Five hair dryers out of five.