It’s getting harder and harder to find news on the cable news networks.

The shift has been going on for years. Cable news networks, founded on the idea of 24/7 news coverage, began to add long-form programming, interviews and political pundits to their schedules, squeezing out hard news.

Even Headline News Network has a lot less news and a lot more court and entertainment programming these days.

Jeff Zucker, the guy who runs CNN, is promising more shows and fewer newscasts at his network. There’ll be more programming like Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” and less live coverage of national and international events.

I dislike this shift but have to concede it’s about money. It certainly appears that doing more news doesn’t result in ratings, as CNN has been falling behind both Fox News and MSNBC in the cable news ratings race. Zucker can’t be blamed for having to bow before the media culture shift.