I’ve had weird dreams… and then I’ve had WEIRD dreams. The one I had last night qualifies as the latter, not just because of what happened in it but also because it worries me I’m dreaming about coworkers.

Shannon Farren was there. Bill Carroll was there. Gary Hoffmann was there.

In the dream, Shannon challenges Bill to an arm wrestling match in the KFI talk studio. Right as they start, Bill suddenly has a heart attack, and somehow I get it in my head that Shannon deliberately caused it through some kind of evil magical trickery.

While Bill is still on the ground, she then challenges Gary to a match. I start screaming, trying to warn Gary that Shannon will kill him with a heart attack.

He doesn’t seem to hear me and sits down to start arm wrestling her. Suddenly, Gary’s mouth opens wide and he EATS Shannon, head first, all the way down to her feet, swallowing her whole. He looks over at me and burps.

It was only at that point that I said to myself, “Oh, this must be a dream.” And that’s when I sat up in bed and yelled, “What the H?” like Tim Conway Jr.