Photo of Chris Squire by Rob Archer

The 2014 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced Wednesday morning. Among them were Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, Kiss, N.W.A., The Replacements, Hall & Oates, Deep Purple, the Zombies, Link Wray, Chic… and Yes.

Yes. It’s about time.

Rush broke down the doors for prog rock by being inducted last year, including a wonderful “blah blah blah” acceptance speech by guitarist Alex Lifeson (see below).

As a geeky prog fan who grew up on Yes and Rush, I was ecstatic that Rush made it and am hoping Yes finally gets the honor they deserve. Rush still plays energetic shows and puts out albums with relevance. Even though Yes has long since passed the time they played like they meant it, their contribution to music can’t be denied.

Cue geeky music discussions in the KFI newsroom.

Fingers crossed.