There seems to be a consensus among critics that Neil Patrick Harris fell flat during the opening of Sunday night’s Emmy telecast. It was incredibly lackluster… until Kevin Spacey turned around to address the camera. Unfortunately, the reason the bit was funny was lost on people who haven’t watched House of Cards.

I tuned out about the time Elton John started singing because there was no way I was going to wait to watch Breaking Bad. But I did amble back to the broadcast afterward and was able to fast forward through the awards and acceptance speeches I didn’t care about — which was most of them.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus giving her acceptance speech along with Tony Hale in full VEEP character was priceless.

Glad to see Stephen Colbert win a couple. I guess this means he won’t be screaming “JON!” in rage and anger during this week’s shows.

And I was very happy Breaking Bad took home the biggie last night. It may be one of the best TV shows ever made. Damn right it deserved the Emmy.

But the best actor in a drama was a huge surprise — and not a good one. It’s not that I don’t enjoy The Newsroom and Jeff Daniels‘ work in it, but year after year Jon Hamm is criminally snubbed for his work in Mad Men. At least he’s got one more season for recognition.

But this year Bryan Cranston should have gotten it for Breaking Bad. Each season this incredible actor surprises. When you think he can’t dig any deeper into Walter White, he manages to find a newer, darker level, and in the show’s final season he has presented one of the most compelling characters ever seen on the screen.

Someone needs to make the Emmy people say his name.