Recently I told you about upgrading my iPhone to iOS 7 and a glitch I’d found where syncing between the phone and my desktop won’t complete.

I believe I’ve found a possible fix.

Go into voice memos on your iPhone and delete all the stored memos you may have recorded. Then delete any voice memos stored on your desktop in the iTunes software.

Reconnect and try to sync again. It should complete the sync and get past the dreaded “waiting for changes to be applied” hang.

If that doesn’t work, while your phone is connected, go into the phone settings in iTunes on your desktop and make sure “manually manage music on this phone” is checked. What should happen on the next sync is that all your music will be recopied onto the phone. This should also clear the syncing issue. Then, if you wish, you can un-check “manually manage music” and go back to the way you were doing it before.

I’m not sure which step actually fixed my particular issue. I have a feeling it was the voice memos. Sometimes if saved memos become corrupted it can hang the sync.