This weekend is the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, but I don’t think we’ll see as much live-tweeting during it as we do other TV shows, and there’s a reason for that.

Some people (who spend a lot more time on this stuff than I do) have noticed certain types of TV shows get lots of live-tweeting and some don’t. Rob Walker of Yahoo News writes that “live, dumb shows” you don’t really have to focus on too closely, like political debates, awards shows or reality shows, lend themselves to live-tweeting. These are the type of shows that seem to invite you to talk back to the TV – and that’s why people go nuts live-tweeting during them.

Shows like Breaking Bad, on the other hand, require lots of attention and focus, so it’s a little more difficult to take your eyes off the screen and punch out your 140 characters or less. That said, there are people who live-tweet them anyway, but if you happen to be doing so during Sunday’s Breaking Bad, be mindful of spoiler alerts for the rest of us who may be a few minutes behind on the DVR. Don’t make me make you say my name.