I was quite late to the Breaking Bad party.

Over the last few weeks I jumped in with both feet and streamed the first five and a half seasons, and the further I got, the more I was hooked. I’ll probably anger some friends by saying this, but I’m convinced now that Breaking Bad is better than The Sopranos.

I caught up just in time to watch last night’s episode merely an hour after it aired.

“Ozymandias” was one of the finest, but hardest-to-watch hours of television ever made. While I’ll usually invest time to re-watch great TV shows to mine more goodness out of them, like Rome or The West Wing, it will be years before I ever want to see again the family scene in the White household near the end of the episode, if ever. It was too much of a punch in the gut and brought up too many painful memories, as it would for anyone who had the misfortune to witness such scenes for real as a child.

Breaking Bad only has a couple more episodes, but last night’s would have served as a brilliant end had the writers and producers chosen to stop there. But if things are going to get even more intense in the two hours that are left, I may not survive it. How about you?

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