Yes, I’m a space nerd. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of watching Neil and Buzz hop around on the moon. I was glued to the TV for all the moon missions. I wrote fan letters to astronauts and got a few replies, including a nice personal response from Alan Shepard. I had toys and models of all the NASA spacecraft and rockets.

I’m also a science fiction geek, but I’ve been missing so-called “real” sci-fi in movies over the last couple of decades, especially the kind involving space travel. America’s romance with space travel seems to have grown cold and that’s reflected at the box office.

But now there’s a new movie on the horizon that may just make my head explode with joy. Early word is that it’s one of the best “space” films ever made, and experts are lining up to gush over how technically and scientifically accurate it is. It’s called “Gravity” and the new trailer just hit the web. It looks to me like what would have been if Kubrick had turned 2001 into a thriller. (Notice the font similarity in the titles – I’m betting that’s no coincidence.)

Consider me already in line.

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