Interesting how it was the mostly undefined “warp drive” of the original 60s Star Trek that led one of the leading scientists in the field to develop theories about how it might work, and then his theories were incorporated into the warp drive of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the 80s and 90s. It’s kind of like the ultimate “grandfather paradox” of time travel stories…

Warp speed, Scotty? It may actually be possible…



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  1. Prior to the ‘math’ of Alcubierre’s Principle, the bubble effect for the Enterprise, and other warp drive vessels was achieved by what was called not by Roddenberry, or Matt Jeffries, or anyone else in the so called Star Trek universe, a “warp drive bubble effect signature.” It was invented by me! Although I’m not known publicly, nor has it ever been revealed in public, but much of what Gene Roddenberry came up with, was in 1964 in canvasing a young fellow, “Me”, for what he in fact as is mentioned frequently, was looking for a way to make a television show with the characterizations familiar in Horatio Hornblower, only in space. At any rate, since many either in physics, aviation and space technology argued that the Star Ship Enterprise would only flip in space with it’s configuration, the bubble effect signature by me was devised to offset this criticism in late 70s. Sure enquire with Rod Roddenberry the son of Gene, Paramount, CBS…no one will know who I am, or why I would claim such outlandish allegation of authorship. Hollywood uses cover stories far more than the government, and moretimes than not for all the liberalism there, is as much a part of developing deceptions, for media purposes, and capital commercialism, than much of the world will ever know!


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