Oh, I know the feeling all too well… that realization that your embarrassing outburst has been caught on a live microphone, and there’s nothing you can do to take it back. You fervently pray that a working time machine will be invented somewhere near you in the next nanosecond so you can go back and un-do what you’ve just done. If you were dreaming, this is the moment you’d wake up in a cold sweat but bathed in relief that it wasn’t real.

But what this rookie TV anchor did, right before his introduction on the air at his brand new job, is pretty embarrassing. (NSFW)



Those of you who haven’t worked on the air will find it freakin’ hilarious. Those of us in the business find it freakin’ hilarious but also just a little bit scary because we can imagine ourselves doing it. Or maybe we’ve already done it. No, I’m never ever going to tell you about mine unless I’m paid lots and lots of money.

Poor A.J. Clemente has since been fired.