It’s a sad day for my former company.

I worked for DG for 6 years. In my time with them under a variety of job titles I was always treated well, and especially during the GoRadio run was allowed to expand my creativity into ideas and areas I’d never thought of before. When my division was closed down and they weren’t able to find another position for me, I walked out of that door sadder than I’d ever been before.

My “corner office,” (in quotation marks because it was an inside corner) had been my little programming cave for quite some time. When I left I wondered who’d the next programmer be to occupy it.

Turns out, it won’t be anyone… DG is closing down the Valencia facility, cutting most of the announcers loose, and moving into their Culver City building. The bulk of the network’s jocks will now be based in Denver.

Today is the last day most of those L.A.-based announcers will be doing a show on radio stations all over the country.

Everyone knows the radio business is undergoing a painful evolution. I am still firm in my belief that radio isn’t going away, not for a long, long time… but it is turning into a completely different animal. It’s not just the technological changes for these companies, sometimes it’s  about financial realities as well, and that’s always the more depressing part.

I’ll always remember walking down the hallways in Valencia, past the numerous studios, and hearing a wide variety of radio formats pouring from each one, and feeling like I was in some kind of radio mall or bazaar. (Please note that bazaar and bizarre are two different words.) It’s sad to think that the facility will soon be quiet and empty, including my former corner office.