When I was a kid in Belle Glade FL, I rigged the TV aerial (remember those?) to my stereo so I could pick up WSHE in Ft Lauderdale. So much of my favorite music in the late 70s and early 80s was discovered on “She’s Only Rock & Roll.” Sonny Fox, Neil Mirsky and the rest of the DJs had become my musical friends, just like in the song “The Spirit of Radio,” which summed up the magic of radio in those days oh so well.

In the 90s I was chosen as one of the first voices to be heard on Planet Radio, which WSHE had become – and in the beginning I got to work in the same studios I’d listened to my heroes from, an outpost of music next to a cow pasture and behind a trailer park in Davie. The Planet studios eventually moved into a too-cool-for-its-surroundings art deco building in North Miami.

After I left Florida, the station went through many more changes of formats and call letters, eventually becoming SHE again. But the wheel of evolution spins on and on, and once again, SHE is no more.

By the way – if you want to hear what the old SHE sounded like, it lives on the web in its old album-rock form here,