Now that the TV series model is changing, with Netflix and Amazon getting into original programming and making entire seasons of TV shows available, like “House of Cards” and a 4th season of “Arrested Development” coming this spring, I have an idea for the over-the-air TV networks: When you order pilots, why not make them available online, or on services like Amazon and Netflix, and let viewers decide which ones should get series orders? Let’s see if actual TV viewers can have a better record picking hit series than network executives. More fan-supported successful shows would make more money for you, wouldn’t they?

Especially when you consider a couple of high-profile network shows like “Do No Harm” and “Zero Hour” that premiered with abysmal ratings. “Do No Harm” had to be put out of its (and our) misery after just 2 showings. Seems to me opening up the process to a wider audience might bring a bit more success, or at least weed out the weak pilots and point the way to successful ones, leading to more successful runs of good shows that have a chance of sticking around for more than a half season.

Just a thought.